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Go roaming-free with our universal SIM card for travellers. Use internet and make calls in 197 countries around the globe. Best rates, no limited data packages, no hidden fees.

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First universal SIM card for travelers

Drimsim — is a real SIM card. You can put it right into your phone, tablet or mobile hotspot. However, Drimsim isn’t bound to any cellular provider. It connects to a local provider in each country and just works. You can call and text your friends, upload your snaps, plan routes, and never ever worry again about paying huge roaming fees. Wonder how you control your expenses? Well, there's an app for that

Control your expenses with a handy app

You can always check rates in your current country via our app. It also shows the current amount of money on your ballance and the history of your expences.  No need to set up roaming or buy a local sim card. You'll get online as soon as you turn off the flight-mode..

Pay as you go

We make deals with local providers to get the best prices for our clients. Then we charge per kilobyte and per minute. Forget about subscription fees and limited data packages. We charge on a post-paid basis, only after you make a call or use some amount of data.

On vacation in another country, everyone wants to be in touch with relatives and friends to share impressions and to be aware of latest news. Mobile phone nowadays is the best way to stay in touch while travelling around the world, but roaming charges can empty the wallet in no time.  How to reduce communication costs and find a way to call relatives and use the Internet in roaming cheaper?

There are three options for cheap calls from abroad:

Activate roaming service from your domestic operator

Roaming is probably the most expensive form of communication abroad. Outgoing and incoming calls in roaming are ruthlessly expensive. The minimum cost for calls in roaming is 50 cents per minute, not taking daily fee into account.

Use a landline phone

For example, one can use the payphone or the hotel phone. Just pay with cash or by credit card directly at the reception. It is cheaper than roaming calls with your SIM card, but not very convenient if you are going to move a lot.

Use global roaming SIM card for travel

Drimsim is roaming free SIM card that works in 197 countries. You can travel, make international calls and do not worry about prices. You can control tariffs, expenses, and balance through a Drimsim mobile application.

With our roaming free SIM card you don’t have to buy a local SIM card, set up roaming, pay subscription fee and spend all your money on calls and the Internet abroad.

Insert roaming free sim card Drimsim and travel, call, chat and share you vacation with your family and friends.

Pay as you go

We make deals with local providers to get the best prices for our clients. Then we charge per kilobyte and per minute.

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