Drimsim app

Share content online, make routes, chat via messengers, and stop wasting time to find a Wi-Fi hotspot.

The Drimsim app helps you to keep in touch when traveling.

What is inside of the Drimsim app?
Support 24/7

Operators assist you, no robots or "smart assistants".

Expense control

Detailed track of expenses for all mobile services.

Fair prices and clear rates

Drimsim has clear tariffs with no monthly fees or extra payments in 190+ countries.

Quick access

One tap access to all main sections of the app.

Services for travelers

Services from Drimsim and our partners for convenient trip arrangements.

Calls for free

Free calls via the Internet in Drimphone app.

And even more!
Talk for free

Tell your friends about Drimsim. Find your link in "Get bonus", share it and get €7 to the balance for each new user.

This is how our referral program works. It's nice to share handy Drimsim.

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Cheap calls via Internet

Calls from Drimsim to Drimsim are free! Basically, all incoming calls are free as only voice transmission via the Internet is charged. Make calls right from your Drimsim app on Android. There’s a special app for iOS.

Support 24/7

Operators assist you, no robots or "smart assistants".

Costs are seen in advance

Before you make a call or send a message, the app shows the price per minute or SMS.

Full control

Handy app with detailed track of expenses on data, calls and SMS.

Download the app and try it!
Already have the SIM card?

If you have already ordered Drimsim SIM card, download our app and try it out. It's awesome!

No SIM card yet?

Order Drimsim SIM card and activate it in the app.

With care for travelers

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