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Share the link through social networks, instant messengers, or in a message
Your friend will download the app, order a SIM card and refill their balance by 25€
Drimsim will add per 7€ more to your and to your friend’s balance

Terms and Conditions

1. Open the Drimsim application, press “Get a bonus” and share your link with your friends via social networks, instant messengers, mail.
2. Your friends follow the link and order a SIM card on the website or in the application and refill their balance by 25€. And Drimsim adds per 7€ more to your and to your friend’s balance!
3. The SIM card shall be ordered and activated using the same email.
4. The amount of bonus per one friend is 7€, regardless of how many SIM cards he has ordered to his email. You can invite any number of friends and get a bonus for each of them; for example, the bonus for 5 friends will amount to 35€.
5. The bonus does not sum up with the other promotional bonuses.

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