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Go roaming-free with our universal SIM card for travellers. Use internet and make calls in 197 countries around the globe. Best rates, no limited data packages, no hidden fees.

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First universal SIM card for travelers

Drimsim — is a real SIM card. You can put it right into your phone, tablet or mobile hotspot. However, Drimsim isn’t bound to any cellular provider. It connects to a local provider in each country and just works. You can call and text your friends, upload your snaps, plan routes, and never ever worry again about paying huge roaming fees. Wonder how you control your expenses? Well, there's an app for that

Control your expenses with a handy app

You can always check rates in your current country via our app. It also shows the current amount of money on your ballance and the history of your expences.  No need to set up roaming or buy a local SIM card. You'll get online as soon as you turn off the flight-mode..

Pay as you go

We make deals with local providers to get the best prices for our clients. Then we charge per kilobyte and per minute. Forget about subscription fees and limited data packages. We charge on a post-paid basis, only after you make a call or use some amount of data.

Once upon a time, the traveler's main device was a paper map, he could call his family from a hotel or payphone, and send a message by post or by telegraph. Now everyone has smartphones, tablets and laptops, but using them abroad is expensive due to high roaming charges for mobile Internet

Let's have a look whether the Internet overseas can be advantageous.

Mobile Internet overseas

The cheapest Internet in roaming costs about 4-6 € per day. With it you get a small package of traffic, which is barely enough for messengers and e-mail. The Internet in roaming should be used only if there is a need for your personal phone number to be available during the trip. In addition, if you work in a large company, the Internet roaming fees are most likely paid by the employer. In other cases, using the Internet in roaming is not very cost effective.

SIM card of local operator

A local SIM card will provide you the cheapest Internet connection abroad, especially in comparison with the Internet in roaming. However, while traveling between countries, you'll have to buy sim cards from different operators and study Internet tariffs abroad.


A win-win option for those who are going spend the entire vacation in a hotel. But if you decide “to have a ball”, walk or travel around the country, then you will quickly get tired of running from Wi-Fi to Wi-Fi. Wireless Internet abroad usually requires SMS authorization, and sometimes is paid separately.

International SIM card for mobile Internet overseas

Drimsim - is an international SIM card that works worldwide. Drimsim universal SIM card connects to a local network and allows you to use the mobile Internet without roaming and at prices almost like local operators have. You don't have to worry about the cost of the Internet in roaming - our mobile application will show all the expenses and tariffs in each country. With Drimsim international SIM card you can travel and do not worry that the roaming fees will cost you an arm and a leg.

With our internet sim you will always have reliable communication and fast internet abroad.

Pay as you go

We make deals with local providers to get the best prices for our clients. Then we charge per kilobyte and per minute.

See our rates in all 197 countries

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